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19-12-2018 09:03
Wolfgang Bernhart ( Austria )
Wow....I got. my 3 displays today. They look and feel of this great pieces of art is unbelievebal! They are looking so awesome with my Strats in them. You have to see it live.... no foto van show the 3D effect as near as real! Thank you for this grat work, Piotr!!!
26-11-2018 19:43
Rafael ( Timisoara , Romania )
Thank you Piotr !
Best display you could ever find in the world !
15-09-2018 11:04
Esbjörn ( Göteborg , Sweden )
Thanks Piotr. I feel that Jimi's ghost take care of my F guitar now ;-)
17-06-2017 09:22
Morten ( Norway )
I've got the customed one. Amazing! It's not fair, looks more rich them my guitar!!!
13-01-2017 21:07
moloko ( Stuttgart , Germany )
Thanks Guys, I love it. Watch much more often then TV ;-)
19-05-2015 18:17
Henrik "Kral" Andersen ( Hellum , Denmark )
Bought 6 displays in 2014, the quality is absolutely perfect, and my guitars look twice as expensive hanging in these displays, i can recommend everybody to go buy 1 or more of these, the service is also in a league of champions, thanx goes out to Piotr and Jacek for some brilliant expertise. Highly recommended all the way!!! Thanx
18-05-2015 15:55
gabriele ( bibbiena , italia )
Friday 15 and ' came my display , concert for the aliens there are no words for this product , exceptional and surprising place ' done with care and design and ' relief . the zaax and ' a firm truly serious people I was fine . and when I have ' the possibility ' I 'll take ' another diplay . I congratulate all the staff of zaax .
18-09-2014 18:18
Egil ( Göteborg , Sweden )
Just arrived. Just amazing! Realy 3D effact when mix the colours of the leds. Will buy another one for my cousin for Christmas (I hope he won't raed it earlier ;-)). Keep this level! Egil
27-03-2013 19:34
nikolas ( hamburg , germany )
Do you have any corner displays?
03-02-2013 20:33
Trond ( Oslo , Norway )
Great unique product! I'm happy I'm one of the owner.