Here are our other displays, their differente purposes, in differente places and pictures sent by happy owners!






Electric guitar - when I’ve heard it for the first time in the hands of Jimmy Page, I did not know that I will never free myself from her. Fortunately, because I do not know what else would give me such a sense of freedom and joy as well as extracting sounds from it. Sometimes it sounds unbearable, and sometimes beautiful, and the most important - they are mine and most of them, like soap bubbles, are born only to disappear and never appear again. I miss some of them. and some do not. It lasts 20 years. I try to keep my guitar close to myself. In sight ?

Many of you spend a fortune on your instrument, and then stores it in a closet or a holster. Guitar is not an ordinary item, but the lifestyle associated with emotions and, therefore, by following this idea, I designed the display, which gives you an inspiring contact with the instrument. Guitar is guitarist’s love and love requires fitting, remarkable binding. I wanted you to feel pleasantly surprised by this idea for a design for which the material is art.

One of my projects is the Guitar Wall Art Display. Over 20 years of playing the guitar I was looking for an interesting display of guitars in Europe and outside, but what market offers truly disappointed me. Displays look like cabinets or bone boxes and do not relate to the world of music - full of emotions and colors. I decided to create something that is inextricably linked with guitar, which is a kind of a show.

As regards the second project - Box Hanger, a goal that prevailed during its formation, this cool design and functionality. Probably will interest owners of multiple kinds of guitars. Box Hanger is made up of cupboard modules, which also serve for hanging guitars and storage of various accessories such as cables, guitar effects, strings, cubes, etc. You can also the put something on it - e.g. a glass of beer. Cabinets have a remarkable form and exclusive finish. If it sounds good, please, come back later on our web site. This product will come soon.

Our company is 11 years old and has scored many successful projects, though not connected with the guitar or music. We also cooperate with a few artists in the field of graphic design.

You can find more information about each project on other pages devoted to particular product.

I hope that our ideas will please you and provide a wonderful experience, whether artistic, aesthetic and the practical.