Before you order guitar display, please, see the Tech Details page.




It's simple. When you are ready with choosing your product (describe the name, size and price), just order it via e-mail. We will confirm your order within 24 hours and make reservation for your product. Then we will wait maximum 7 days for your payment and send your purchased product in maximum 10 days after money receiving on our acc. For special custom products delivery time can be drawn out and will be set individually with a buyer.


Sample of order

To make it easier and clearer you can see the sample of wall display e-mail order:

I'd like to order "Jimi Guitar Head" wall display. 

Printed on aluminium board. Price 350EUR. Feeder type A. Payment with PayPal.

When receive money on your acc, please send it to the following adress:

John Campbell
69 Leicester Square
WC2H 7LA London
United Kingdom

mobile: 07932475828




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