Please, read ordering informations before you order and pay.


After we receive a confirmation from you a reservation of choosen product is done, it's time to make payment (we wait max 7 days for your payment and make product reservation for this period).

You can pay in two different ways. First is to make a regular money transfer to our bank account and second one is to make payment via Pay Pal (

If you have PayPal account already, better for you. If you don't know what PayPal is, please, see here how it works:

If you wish to pay using PayPal platform, please inform us about it via e-mail when order a product and we will send you "Payment Request" with the instruction how to do it.

Only payments in EUR, USD and PLN are accepted.

Our bank acc. for regular money transfers.


Beneficiary name and adress:


ZAAX Projekt

ul. Wojska Polskiego 39/12

88-100 Inowrocław



Bank name:


Santander Bank Polska S.A

0/II w Inowrocławiu


Bank account No and SWIFT code:


PL 80 1090 1069 0000 0001 1362 7770     (for EUR)

PL 10 1090 1069 0000 0001 1683 5268     (for USD)

PL 36 1090 1069 0000 0001 1215 1931     (for PLN)





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